What are you doing after high school?

The Jackson-Reed 12th grade team is ready and available to help every senior achieve the goal of having applied to at least one college/university; trade and apprenticeship program; military, police, and firefighter cadet program; or another post-high school opportunity.

Stop by the Jackson-Reed College and Career Center or contact Elizabeth Levenson for help with making a plan for what you’re going to do after high school, filling out applications, and applying for scholarships and financial aid.


The Jackson-Reed College and Career Center is a vital resource for students to help plan for and achieve their post-graduation goals. Led by Elizabeth Levenson, the Center offers assistance to all seniors, from those planning to enter the workforce to those applying for college, trade and apprenticeship programs, police and firefighter cadet programs, and other post-high school opportunities.

The Center’s webpage is a comprehensive source of information for navigating the college application process. If you missed the recent virtual information sessions, including about navigating the Common App, recordings of the workshops are on the College and Career Center webpage. If you are not receiving emails with notices about College and Career Center information sessions, please contact Ms. Levenson at elizabeth.levenson@k12.dc.gov.

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