Website Club 8/31 Meeting Notes

First meeting of the school year.  We did a review of all the new functionality in the now live Jackson-Reed website.  And we talked a lot about what to do over the year.

3 Main Goals

  1. Maintain the current website – provide support as needed.  Talk to Ms. Lawrence and other members of the front office on how best to do this.  Customers & clients of the site include:
    1. Front office:  Jessica Lawrence (head of communications), Tomiwa Omoniyi and Joe Bellino (back-end forms), Dionne Clemmons (Clubs), Marquan Roberts (Lockers), Elizabeth Levenson (College & Career).
    2. Teachers – department heads and club sponsors
    3. Students
    4. Parents
  2. Design:  start working on improving the overall design of the website as well as targeting smaller sections.  Tie this in with students from Graphic Design.
  3. Custom Solutions:  start working on streamlining existing solutions using Gravity Forms & Views like Clubs, Attendance, Lockers, Schedule Change Request as well as brainstorming new solutions.

Brainstorming for Club Fair/Interest Meeting

Need to getting people interested.

  • Structure for interest meeting?  Little bit of WordPress?  Little bit of design?  Talk about what functionality we want to add?
  • Emphasize how easy it is to create complex websites using low-code.  And fun!   Useful skill.  Good for college apps and having a side hustle.
  • Don’t just focus on your friends – try to think of ways to outreach across the whole school!

Follow Up Tasks

  • Elizabeth – provide calendar guidance to Simone to get her going – set up calendar brainstorming page.  I’ll add some of my thoughts to that and tools you can start looking at.
  • Elizabeth – set up Meredith with access to coding.  Meredith – you should be set up.  Look at Selectors and Using Selectors in the Website Design with Advanced CSS & JavaScript: Website Building Series .
  • LabCatsCoding – if anyone else wants access this is all the courses I teach.  You can log on at with username jrhs and password WebsiteClubJR.