Website Planning Process

The process is broken down into five basic steps:

  • Identify What We Want
  • Create a Plan of Attack
  • Design the Website
  • Create the Website
  • Use it

Identify What We Want

  • Confirm the identity of the major stakeholders in the website(i.e. Administration, College & Career Counseling, SciMaTech Academy).  Don’t forget students, parents & alumni.
  • Confirm the identity of the minor stakeholders (i.e. individual departments such as health, engineering)
  • Take a look at our current website – identify what works and what doesn’t work.  Talk to the stakeholders to confirm this.
  • Review websites of other high schools to see what inforamtion, layout, features they use.
  • Based on previous two bullets – brainstorms about what our site should have.
  • Review this with stakeholders.
  • Final plan?  Now, identify what we can do in this first phase.  Remember…a website is a living thing so it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.

Create a Plan of Attack