Website Timeline


COMPLETE: Create Baseline Website

  1. Create simple, clean and professional template.
  2. Create navigation to duplicate of current website.
  3. Duplicate content of current site - 95% of current site has been moved over and 85% is clean and ready for approval.
  4. Update any pressing issues.
  5. Identify hosting company/service.
  6. Go live.

Action Items

  • Repoint DNS -
    • The address that tells URLs where to go.  Essentially, which web server and  send a user to.
  • Transition of website
    • Finish cleaning last pages
    • Redesign some key pages like the home page
    • Identify calendar & form tools to work with the stakeholders to figure out the best plugins/methods for using.
  • Stakeholder approval
    • Identify key stakeholders of various sections.
    • Work with stakeholders to do final edits and get sign off for each section.
    • Set up ongoing access for all stakeholders.
    • Create plan to go live including training for all stakeholders.
  • Go Live
    • Repoint DNS
    • Final testing


Create Jackson-Reed Website Club

    1. Select adult advisory.
    2. Select student(s) to head.
    3. Select experienced students to take on pivotal rules.
    4. Develop plan for the organizational structure.
    5. Develop website guidelines and identify learning resources.
    6. Recruit new students including designers, social media pros, content creators, and techies.
    7. Identify training needs and get everyone up to speed.
    8. Access rights.

Items in green italics have been completed.

Targeted Date: September 30, 2023

Next Steps/Action Items

Website Club has been meeting since last fall.  For this school year:

  • Prepare for school Club Fair & Interest Meeting.
  • Want to make sure reach a diverse group of students - skill wise and in all other ways.
  • Prepare training materials/process for new members.


Think About What We Really Want

    1. How to get Feedback
      1. Who:  administration, staff, teachers, students, parents, alumni, community
      2. How:  brainstorming sessions, interviews, surveys, other?
    2. Review Current Website
      1. What content and functionality is working and we want to keep?
      2. What content or functionality needs to be updated or modified?
      3. What are we missing?  Content and functionality?
    3. Look for and identify other websites that inspire us both for design and for functionality.
    4. Review existing trends in website design and technology to keep it current.
    5. What vibe do we want the website to have? New logo?  Colors?

Targeted Date: November 15, 2023


Create a Plan of Attack

    1. Figure out how we are going to do this - what steps, how long will the take and in what order will we do them.
    2. Come up with a logical breakdown of tasks by both functionality and content area of the website.
    3. Identify resources and assign tasks.
    4. Research and select a tool to organize and keep the project on task.


Targeted Date: December 15, 2023


Design It

  1. Finalize our requirements for both design and content.
  2. Design the website including these key areas:

    1. Overall template
    2. Home page functionality and look
    3. Main content pages
    4. Other functionality - forms, tables, search, data repositories, etc.

  3. Update our plan to include any changes

Targeted Date: February 15, 2024


Create it

Based on our plan created in Step 4 and our design in Step 5 - create the new components of our website and update existing pieces as needed.

Targeted Date: Dependent on Schedule


Use It

A website is very much a living breathing entity.

  • Keep components updated to keep website secure.
  • Add news items and events.
  • Update content as needed.
  • Plan new features & functionality.