Website Club January 26 Meeting Summary

Fill out Form!

Trying to bring some organization to the club.  Take a minute and fill out this form before the weekend so I can look at it.

Meeting with Administration

Meeting last week with administration went great.  You can see a summary of what was talked about here.  Since that meeting, Ms. Cebrynski has assigned stakeholders to all pages of the website and is about to start working on final approval.  I will be reaching out to all the other stakeholders to get their approval.

Last Weeks Status

Some people did their assignments but failed to update the Thoughts on Other Websites page.  Please do so this week.

Actions for Next Week

Try to create your own mock home page.

  • Add a new page and call it something like “Lily Home Page”.
  • Use the Help for these next bits – especially the accordions Using Beaver Builder to Edit Pages and Common Modules
  • Launch Beaver Builder.
  • Add a row first.  Add some modules.
  • Save and Publish.
  • How?  Watch this screen cast.

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