Website Club January 19 Meeting Summary

  • Discussed looking at other school’s websites to get an idea of what we like, don’t like, etc.  Assigned students to review ones.  To see which one you signed up for – go to Website Club To Do List – set Category to Review Other Website and click .
  • Add Translate ability
  • Why is the school named Jackson-Reed – Leah.
  • Make the top menu point to websites that are related but not ours – The Beacon, Athletics, Aspen, Canvas, DCPS, Clever
  • Social Media Links – identify JR’s

Not as much as last week but we did talk alot about various sites.

Also I met with Patty Cebrynski and Dionne Clemmons from the front office last Thursday.  Sah Brown also dropped in.  Very good meeting – and Ms. Clemmons is very happy about the plans for Clubs.  Below is the email I sent to them summarizing the meeting and our next steps:

Summary of Meeting
  • Home Page:  reviewed current redesign of home page and talked about the long term design for this page.  All agreed we need more pictures and will reach out to the Photography Club.
  • Calendar:  Ms. Clemmons currently uses TeamUp for this which she is happy with.  I briefly looked into this and there is a WordPress plugin.  Looks like there is even a way to use Gravity Forms with it.
  • Responsibility:  we talked about who was responsible for each section.  For the initial launch, Ms. Clemmons and Ms. Cebrzynski will responsible for making sure the website is in order.  There are a few section where that might differ – the PTSO page, the LSAT page and the College & Career Counseling Center.
  • Outreach:  reach out to Photography Club, Mr. Massenburg (Visual Design), Ms. Garcia(Spanish speaking students) and Mr. Pierce (staff photos)
  • Future Plans:  discussed some of the possibilities for the website down the road including the automation of clubs.  We will come back to this once we get the initial launch completed.
  • Mock Website:  I also gave you access to the Mock Website – if you go to and login and then click on the Website Club Home Page at the top you can see what we are up to.
  • Colors:  Must keep dark green but can use some other shades of green to accent.
Next Steps
  • Go to and click the login link in the top menu bar.  I’ll send login info in separate email.
  • After you have logged on you will see additional options in that top menu bar.  Click on Moving Website Checklist.
  • This table lists all the pages in the website.  Click on Enable Inline Edit at the top right corner of the table to allow for editing.
  • Work your way through comparing pages from the existing site at to pages from the new site,
  • Update Stakeholder Status as you go.  In Process will let others know someone is currently working on this page, Questions/Need Feedback will flag the page for followup and Completed means it is ready to go.
  • You can update the Notes field to provide comments for me or others.  Feel free to edit or modify my comments as needed.

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