Website Club January 12 Meeting Summary

We reviewed the menu structure and brainstormed.  Here are some changes for the menus:

  • Can this just be a simple menu instead of a mega-menu?
  • Principal spelled wrong in menu – FIXED!
  • Mission & Vision – do we still need this here?  Depends some on how home page is structured.  Remove for now but maybe bring back if administration requests.
  • Student Support by Grade – does that need to be here?  Isn’t this information contained elsewhere?
  • Finding Us – combine this information into one page along with contact form and other pertinent info including map, phone number, address, etc.
  • Quicklinks – take out some things – like Locker Request, PTSO.  Does this still need to exist?  If so, in what form? Menu?  Buttons?  Toolbar?  Take a look at some other school websites.
  • Extracurricular and Clubs section.  Clara is taking a stab at making the form/view for clubs.  I’ll put up some links to help with that.  Look at the buttons at the bottom –
    • Is Tess looking at Theater Department?
    • Should National Honor Society be here?  Or somewhere else?
    • What about Community organizations?

Things that need to be thought about:

  • What features are we missing?  What design tricks could we use?  Let’s check out the competition. Alice is looking at GDS, Zoe at Maret but let’s do some public schools too as they are much closer to us.  I added some links of ones to look at in the website to do list – sign up for one.
  • Newsletter – sign up .   Right now – parents are automatically signed up but students said they wanted it too.
    • Automatically create
    • Anything in newsletter should be on website – website should drive newsletter.
    • Archives?
  • Alert bar – have a way to provide up to date info – school delays, emergencies, etc.  Have a space where this can be used and is easy to update.
  • Social Media links
  • Mega calendar!  This is one I’m struggling with right now – what calendar tool should we use.
  • Course catalog – ran into Wesley after club and he is going to start looking into this.  Description of all courses.  Would be nice to have a course schedule too but that will have to wait until summer for next year.
  • Ms. Levenson isn’t happy with the college and career page – need to find a better design for this one.
  • Other Academics changes should be worked through with teachers.
  • Student section in general.
  • Footer – what should go here?  Take the place of Quicklinks?