Data Views

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Add A Staff Account

Allows users with the appropriate roles to add users with the role "staff" and "clubs".  Sends an email to user to activate account.


Easily creates alerts to run on the website with start and end dates.

Aspen Help Request

Allows a parent or student to get help accessing Aspen.  Ask for the appropriate information depending on their role.

David Thompson

Attendance Form Requests

Attendance form allows a parent to notify the school if a student will be absent, late arriving, or departing early.  It asks for the reason for the absence as well as the arrival time or departure time if needed.  If illness is a reason - it asks for a medical note to be uploaded. The parent receives an email notification of the form and a formatted and easy to read email is sent to the correct counselor by grade.

This view is for the counselors by grade - allows them to see simple information and change it if necessary before exported by Mr. Bellino.

Attendance counselors for the grade.

Calendar Admin

Links to all events submitted to the calendar.  Easy way to update event information. Linked to News form - filled in via Add an Update button/link.   Linked to JRWebsiteFeed calendar feed.


This form allows sponsors to add clubs - once they have approved notifications are sent to Ms. Clemmons for approval.  Once she has approved them - they display on the main Clubs page.  If a sponsor edits a club, a notification is sent to Ms. Clemmons to re-approve.  This Club has the following notifications:

  • Request Admin Approval for new clubs.
  • Club Request Denied or Clarification requested by Admin.
  • Changes made notificatino
  • Club Request Approved by Admin

19Standard Listing - 3121; Admin Table -3147; Interst Club -4901Active
Contact Us

Basic Contact form for the entire website. No Views

Patricia Cebrzynski

DC One Card Request

Request for a DC One Card.  No views...need one?

Mark Martin

Form to Trip Parent Form OCL - Test

Fills in form 30

Locker Help Request Form

Allows the user to ask for help accessing or finding their locker.

Marquan Roberts

Locker Request Form

Requests a locker for a student.  Student receives email saying they will be contacted in 7 days.

Marquan Roberts

News Update Posts Table

Allows users to create posts to be added to the websites and events to the calendar.  Has conditional logic which displays fields depending on if it is news item, event or both.  Five Views:

  • Calendar - shows the full calendar
  • News Item - table to edit news updates
  • Calendar Admin - ability to edit and delete events
  • Front Page Upcoming Events - shows the next 4 events upcoming

14Calendar - 3830, News Table 2528, Calendar Admin 1862, Fron page 1739Active
Off-Campus Lunch Parent Approval

Send link to this form to allow parents to approve off-campus lunch for their students.

No one.

Report a Concern

Allows students or staff to submit any issues.  Can do so anonymously though we encourage contact information if possible so it can be resolved.

Ms. Cebrzynski for routing.

Schedule Change Request

Schedule change requests forms from students are sent to the appropriate counselors via email.  Counselors can also view results in table and update.

Counselors by grade and first letter of Student's last name.


Shows all pages in the website and what their current status is.

Staff Table

Display all Staff on the Quicklinks menu and displays an editable table on the Tools->VIews->All Staff menu.

6Quicklinks - 3001, Admin - 956, By Area - 2981Active
Transcript & Diploma Requests

Allows alumni to request a transcript, diploma, graduation/education verification or other. Displays appropriate fields based on choice. There is a Data View which allows those with access to update the status of all requests. This view can be accessed either directly from the Transcript & Diploma Request page from the Tools->Views->Transcript & Diploma menu.

Generic email & Lorena Marshall

Update to Website

Allows staff, students, parents & community to request updates to content on web page.

Jessica Lawrence

Website Club Interest

Find out what people want to do and learn!

Website Club To Do List

Detailed list of tasks for Website Club.  This takes the requests from Update to Website and Website Feedback and makes them into actionable tasks.

Website Feedback

Accessible via the Footer - this is intended for general requests about overall design. Might overlap with Update to Website.

Ms. Mettler

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