Fire Drills & Other Emergency Prodedures

In the event of an emergency, the following procedures should be adhered to. Every faculty member is required to familiarize the members of each class with these procedures. All building evacuation procedures require the teacher to bring class roll books and the Red District of Columbia “School Emergency Procedures Guide” with them.

Fire Drill Procedures

  • The fire drill is indicated by the sound of the fire alarm.
  • The teacher will close all windows and doors. Do not lock any doors.
  • The teacher directs the class to the nearest stairway and exit door.
  • Scholars should proceed directly outside.  They are not allowed to stop at lockers.
  • Scholars and teachers should move quickly and quietly to their designated positions.
  • Roll is taken and turned into the appropriate administrator.

Bomb-Scare Procedures

  • All personnel will be notified of a threat via the public address system.
  • All personnel should follow the fire drill procedures listed above.

Lockdown Drills

  • DCPS requires that two lockdown drills be held per school year.

Evacuation and Relocation Procedures

  • The evacuation of the building will be exactly the same procedure as followed in a fire drill.
  • Notification will be given by an administrator to proceed to Deal Middle School as students leave the building.
  • Deal administrators will provide directions to the holding areas for Wilson students and staff.
  • Teachers are to remain with their classes until the situation is resolved.