Dress Guidelines

Although Jackson-Reed does not require school uniforms, students are expected to dress appropriately for an academic setting. 
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing displaying logos or advertisements must be free of profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco products; violent messages; sexual messages; gang symbols or references; or language that demeans an identifiable person or group.
  • Undergarments must not be visible when walking, sitting or standing.
  • Jewelry cannot be worn that is perceived as dangerous, violent or promoting inappropriate themes. Heavy chains, bracelets, and necklaces that have spikes are not permitted.

Hats and Headgear

  • Wearing hats and headgear in the school is considered a safety issue.


  • No midriff shirts, muscle shirts, blouses, or tops that allow skin to be exposed either on the upper torso or the back are permitted.
    Tops with spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, and colored or white tank tops must be worn as undergarments only. A sweater, shirt, or jacket must be worn over such items.
  • No tank tops, low-cut necklines, off-the-shoulder shirts, strapless, or body-tight spandex tops may be worn alone. Shirts must cover the shoulders, back, front, and midriff area.
  • Transparent or see-through clothing is not allowed.


  • Pants may not be worn low so that they show undergarments or skin or look as if they are about to fall off. Pants must be secure at the waist.
  • If distressed or torn pants are worn, the person wearing them must have tights under them so as not to expose the skin.

Shorts, skirts, and dresses

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be appropriate, neither too short nor too revealing.
  • Slits in shorts, skirts, and dresses must not extend higher than mid-thigh.

Policy for Violations of the Dress Guidelines

If a student is dressed in a way that is deemed by staff to be inappropriate, the student will be:
  • Stopped at the front door and given the option to change his/her clothes.
  • Given the option of calling his/her parent for a change of clothes to be brought to the school.
  • Given appropriate clothing to wear for the day
The parent/guardian of any student refusing to follow the dress code policy will be called, and appropriate sanctions will occur, including and not limited to detention.