Athletic Locker Room Policy

To ensure the safety of all who use the athletic locker room, staff, coaches, and students must follow these guidelines:

  • Doors opening into the athletic teams’ locker room MUST be locked during school hours.
  • No student is allowed in the team locker rooms ANYTIME before 3:15 pm.

After School Hours

  • The only athletes allowed in the locker rooms are the athletes whose teams are currently playing.
  • NO athlete is to be left unattended in the locker room for any reason at any time to ensure the safety and security of the athlete.
  • As a preventative measure, any administrator, coach, dean, or teacher may conduct a hall/gym/locker room sweep of the entire athletic wing to ensure these guidelines are being followed.

Discipline Protocol

If anyone fails to follow these procedures, that particular individual/team/class is in jeopardy of:
  • 1st Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Verbal Warning
  • Written Documentation
  • Locker Room Keys Revoked