Community Based Organizations

The following community-based organizations are good contacts for students looking for community service opportunities.

  • American Friends Service Committee
    Human Rights, Peace and Justice initiatives and education.
    Location: on and off site
  • Amigos de las Americas is a non-profit organization that works with high school and college-age students in the United States, sending each of the participants to a community in one of nine Latin-American countries over the course of 4-8 weeks. During their service trip, the volunteers collaborate with their respective communities on a designated project concerning health, nutrition, sustainability, or education. This cross-cultural experience is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to develop social, leadership, and language skills; since 1965, Amigos has sent more than 20,000 student volunteers to nine countries.
  • Asian America LEAD
    Mentoring, tutoring, SAT prep and cultural programs for Asian American scholars off-site and pilot SAT preparation program for all scholars on-site during Fall.
    Location: Offsite—Columbia Heights
  • Beacon House
    Multifaceted community center based in the Edgewood Terrace neighborhood serving educational, physical and social needs of scholars.
    Location: Off-site—Northeast D.C.
  • Brainfood
    Afterschool culinary arts and nutrition program in state-of-the-art kitchens resulting in academic, social and health improvements AND 100 hours of community service.
    Location: Off-site—Columbia Heights or Chinatown
  • Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)
    LEP Tutoring Tutoring program Tues/Wed/Thurs for Limited English Proficient scholars
    Location: onsite
  • Latin American Youth Center
    SES Tutoring Free tutoring program through Supplemental Educational Services (federally funded). Application necessary
    Location: On-site
  • Mary’s Center
    Health, wellness, social and academic programs available.
    Offsite-Columbia Heights
  • Men Can Stop Rape/Men of Strength Club Men’s group that focuses on preventing violence by exploring positive masculinity and community leadership.
  • Student Conservation Association
    Lead Conservation Leadership Corps, summer job program and service projects all over the area in nature conservation.
    Location: Off-site
  • Urban Alliance
    Job training and placement at expansive list of corporate partners for paid internships.
    Location: Off-site—Office in Watergate building, Internships around the city.
  • Vietnamese American Community Service Center
    Tutoring, educational and cultural enrichment, family support and translation services and recreational sports are all offered.
    Location: Off-site--Meridian Hill/Columbia Heights
  • Washington Youth Choir
    City-wide youth choir program with auditions necessary.
    Location: Chinatown, Calvary Baptist Church

  • WILL—Wilderness Leadership and Learning
    A program focused on increasing responsibility, respect and building self-esteem, self-reliance, and confidence, encouraging teens to push beyond their perceived limitations through outdoor, arts and academic training.
    Location: Offsite, Saturdays. Applications required.
  • Young Women’s Project--Teen Women in Action
    1328 Florida Avenue, NW Suite 2000
    Washington, DC 20009
    202.332.3399 (phone)
  • Youth Staff: YWP youth staff members work with youth from five DCPS high schools to conduct research and advocacy, train other youth, and help facilitate YWP’s school-based education and condom distribution work. Youth are paid $8.25-10 an hour and work 6-12 hours a week.
  • Wrap-MC(WMC) Peer Educators: Will work with 25 youth (both women and men) from seven schools to educate youth on sexual health issues, distribute condoms, and conduct outreach for STI testing and other school-based services. The Wrap-MC (WMC) program was created by the Department of Health. YWP Wrap-MC educators receive 25 hour of comprehensive sexual health and peer education training, attend weekly meetings, and must be certified by DOH through an on-line test. WMCs are paid a stipend of $7.25 an hour for up to 4 hours a week of training and outreach.
  • Youth Health Action Council (YHAC) – is a weekly after-school health action program, led by YWP adult and youth staff, that provides health information, builds leadership and self advocacy skills. Students increase knowledge and skills in physical and reproductive health, violence, communication, problem solving, and research and work on projects to improve student health and expand leadership. They also receive community service hours and a small stipend of $3 an hour. YHAC has been vetted by DCPS-OST.