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Club Name:Girls Up in the District
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Club Description

"Girls Up in the District" is a vibrant and purpose-driven club dedicated to empowering individuals with the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the realm of women's rights. Our mission is to raise awareness and foster change in critical areas, including gender inequality within sports, gender-based violence, and reproductive rights. By joining our club, you become part of a passionate community committed to dismantling societal barriers and advancing gender equity. Together, we believe we can challenge stereotypes, ultimately creating a brighter future where every girl and woman can thrive, without fear or discrimination. Join us in the pursuit of a world where gender equality is not just a goal but a reality.

Proposed Activities

Our club, "Girls Up in the District," will meet once or twice, usually during STEP. During our meetings, we will collaborate to plan impactful events and fundraisers aimed at addressing pressing issues in both our local community and society as a whole. These gatherings will serve as a platform for brainstorming, strategizing, and executing initiatives that raise awareness about gender inequality within sports, combat gender-based violence, and advocate for reproductive rights. Additionally, we will engage in open and constructive discussions about these critical topics, fostering a safe space for members to share ideas, experiences, and insights.

Meeting DayThu
How Often Does it MeetOnce a Month
Meeting Place:Room 429
Communication MethodGroupMe
Club Makeup
Sponsor Name:Elana Horowitz
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Student Leader Name:Daphne Confalone
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Student Leader 2 Name:Francesca Purificato
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