Jackson-Reed has over 200 clubs and other activities for it's students.  Don't see one you like?  Make your own!

  • If you have any questions about clubs or how to create one, please see Ms. Dionne Clemmons in the main office.
  • Sponsors, if you do not have an account,  request one in order to login and create a club.

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  Club Name: Club Description Proposed Activities Meeting Day Meeting Time
Photography Club

Photography club

TuePM (after school)
Ping Pong Club

Club Purpose: To give students a chance to learn and practice ping pong Club Objective:: Create a fun atmosphere where students of any ability and experience level can have a good time playing ping pong.

Proposed Activities: Play ping pong!

Tue, ThuPM (after school)
Psychology Club

Club Purpose: Discuss psychology topics. Be a resource for help with AP Psychology. Create activities for topics members want to learn about. Club Objective:: Know a wide range of information about psychology.

Proposed Activities: Discussions (seminars to promote critical thinking), relevant groups activities/games, check-in questions, watching informational videos.

MonPM (after school)
Spanish Literature Club

Students who have already taken the AP Spanish Literature Exam are mentoring students enrolled in AP Spanish Literature, AP Spanish Language and Spanish Heritage III to support them on analyzing complex literary texts, writing evidence based essays and evidence based short answers. Improve your reading and writing skills.

Participation in International Cultural Night Reading and writing support for individual and group students struggling with evidence based writing

Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate Team is a student-led co-curricular activity that prepares students for competitive academic events in Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and World Schools debate formats, as well as a wide variety of Speech events. Students prepare to compete in local, regional, and national competitions that take place on weekends

Continuous participation provides students with an opportunity to earn membership in the nation’s second largest honor society, The National Speech and Debate Association.

TuePM (after school)
Stop the Bleed

Club Purpose: By bringing the National Stop the Bleed campaign to our school, we hope to teach Tiger students and staff how to prevent traumatic blood loss and why the knowledge of how to control severe bleeding is important. The purpose of the Stop the Bleed campaign, which was originally created

Proposed Activities: -In-person and online Stop the Bleed Course training sessions -Professional demonstrations -Guest speakers (local doctors, surgeons, researchers, emergency responders, EMTs, etc) -Hands-on activities (applying tourniquets, suture practice, etc) -Discussions (why is this important, where is this a prevalent issue currently, what can we do to help, next steps for

WedPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:The Birds & The Bees Sexual Health Club

Our mission is to spread awareness about sexual health to our peers and teachers while also working to combat the stigma surrounding the complex topic of sexual health and wellness. People should join because it’s a safe, fun, and open space to discuss and explore taboo topics, while doing exciting

Our club will start with an educational piece on the topic of the week, ie: condoms, sti prevention, etc. Then we’ll transition into outreach projects, like condom packing, classroom presentations, and event prep. 

The Fashion Design Club

The Fashion Design Club is an in-school club where students in any grade can come and express their artistic ideas about fashion design and showcase them. This is where people can come to build community, and even if they aren't particularly interested in making clothes themselves, they can come to

In this club, we are going to be up-cycling clothes and making them into different pieces and accessories. We will go to thrift stores and pick out clothes as an informal activity and bring them back to school for meetings where we actually design and make new pieces. At the

Tue, ThuSTEP
The Jungle Cats

Club Purpose: The Jungle Cats is a club used to promote a fun, healthy, and positive environment for students to participate and enjoy all school and sporting events here at Jackson-Reed high school. Club Objective:: The object is to create a safe environment for students to be able to express themselves and

Proposed Activities: -Support all our sports teams -community service -fundraisers

Tue, ThuPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:Wealth Club

The Wilson Wealth Club’s mission is to improve financial knowledge through financial education to empower its members to move toward financial security and ultimately financial independence.

Play Chess!!

Tue, WedSTEP
Website Club

Club Purpose: The website club has gotten permission from the administration to redo the Jackson-reed website. Club Objective: The website club will improve and update the Jackson Reed Website, and it will teach students how to code and develop websites.

We will: Train new members on the various skills that are needed as we plan, design and build a new website. Skills areas include: WordPress Basic Knowledge - front end and content WordPress Back end skills - user role management, plugins, security WordPress advanced front end skills- complex page layout

Wise Club

Wise Club offers a separate space for students to meet to explore key learning areas of development such as goal setting, critical thinking, social emotional intelligence/personal development, identifying purpose and promoting healthy relationships.

Wise club welcomes all individuals who are interested in personal growth and empowerment through wisdom and knowledge, regardless of gender. Wise Club focus is on being a self-selected all-inclusive space that does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender or identity, all students are welcome to join our network.

ThuPM (after school)
Youth and Government

Club Purpose: YMCA Youth and Government, also known as Youth In Government, or Model Legislature and Court, is a program of the YMCA of the USA that allows high school students to serve in model governments at the local, state, national, and international levels. Club Objective:: SWBAT participates in local government.

Legislative Weekend, Community Service

  Club Name: Club Description Proposed Activities Meeting Day Meeting Time