Jackson-Reed has over 200 clubs and other activities for it's students.  Don't see one you like?  Make your own!

  • If you have any questions about clubs or how to create one, please see Ms. Dionne Clemmons in the main office.
  • Sponsors, if you do not have an account,  request one in order to login and create a club.

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Asian Student Union

The club is for students of Asian heritage to celebrate the diverse Asian population represented at Jackson Reed High School.

Celebrate Asian culture


Fill in

Image/Logo for Your Club:Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a club for students who are passionate about Black culture, identity, and community. The club provides a safe space for students to express their thoughts on issues in the Black community but also to unwind in a loving and supportive environment. All students are welcome.


Purpose: Spread the French language and culture to the students of DCPS

We go to Murch Elementary School on select Wednesdays after school and lead a French class. You earn community service hours, culture points, and you have lots of fun!

WedPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:Cans for Cause

The purpose and objective of the Club, Cans for Cause is to work to provide cans of food to areas in need. Students were driven to action after the news of the fires in Maui this past summer and used the news of the tragedy to mobilize in support. Students

Our mission is to collect canned food and donate them to homeless shelters or food banks to areas in need. Room 306 will be the designated spot for club meetings. Food will be dropped off at a shelter at the end of every month.

Tue, ThuSTEP
Image/Logo for Your Club:CCC (Community Coalition for Change)

Club Purpose: Fort Reno currently has one building left -- the Chesapeake House -- which is now abandoned and owned by NPS. Our club (CCC) is working with the NPS to turn the space at the Chesapeake House into a community center with interpretative exhibits to tell the story of

- Proposing several aspects of the redesign of the Chesapeake House -Preparing for the dedication of the rehabbed building with its grand opening -Using students as docents to tell the story of Reno City

ThuPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:Chess Club

Purpose: To introduce and teach fellow Tiger students the basic concepts of chess in a fun and casual environment. Objective: To get all members excited about and improve their chess skills to reach an 800 rating.

Activities: Online chess games on mini club tournaments for prizes demonstrations on certain moves and trap plays friendly competition against other schools

Coding Club

Work on learning new types of coding and helping members learn skills.

Coding projects.

MonPM (after school)
Communications Club

The objective of this club is to better understand how Jackson-Reed students access and interact with school-level communication and to grow Jackson-Reed's online presence. Students who join this club will hopefully have a sense for how to best engage with their peers online, but will also learn how to track

Identify most commonly used platforms for communication (mainly for students) Identify tools and programs used to develop content Develop a content calendar for the school year Track and monitor engagement on certain platforms Learn about branding and consistency when communicating Build resume worthy skills in the areas of communication, digital

Cooking Club

Club Objective::  Discover the culture of cooking

Proposed Activities: field trip to dc restaurants, cooking cultural dishes, discovering the origin/meaningfulness of different foods through research

Tue, ThuPM (after school)
Creative Writing Club

Creatively write poetry, short stories, screenplays - writers of any experience welcome

-Discuss ideas -Get feedback on work -Find competitions/platforms to showcase your work

DC Hospitality Club

At our first meeting, we will have introductions, talk about the program and what students are interested in learning about, and then workshop some networking techniques.   These sessions will be every Wednesday from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on Zoom ( . A full schedule will be coming soon.

Image/Logo for Your Club:Disability Student Alliance

Club Purpose: The club is a fun club for disabled students and their allies to come together, hang out, play games, and learn about different disabilities, the history behind disability rights in America, and various disability topics. Club Objective: Our objective is to make a safe and fun space for

We talk about various disabilities, work on the annual Disability Fair, talk about disability history, play some games, and hang out. Possibly have guest speakers.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Dungeons and Dragons Club is a club about DnD, a fun role-playing game. The club consists of students who play all the time and students who are learning about the game for the first time. No experience is required for lots of fun gaming!

WedPM (after school)

Students will explore starting up their own business and creating business models. They will learn about funding opportunities and how to acquire them for their business'. They will learn networking and growing their brand.

Create business plans Learn to pitch your business Create SWOT analysis' and business plans Talk to industry professionals Networking events

MonPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:eSports

e-Sports requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success. Today, e-Sports is growing exponentially with over 400 million fans worldwide who repeatedly sell out arenas. Currently, there are more than 200 colleges and universities offering almost 15 million dollars in

The DCSAA has partnered with PlayVS to bring esports to high schools throughout Washington D.C. Esports, or competitive gaming, is the fastest-growing high school sport in the country and, much like traditional sports, requires teamwork, critical thinking and communication to achieve success. However, esports go ever further to create a

Tue, ThuPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:Ethiopian Eritrean Organization


FirstGen Club

Club Purpose: The purpose is to help support first-generation college-bound students navigate the college application and first-year college experience. Club Objective:: The objective of the club is to provide a network system for first-generation college students in order to navigate the college application process and prepare for the first year.

Proposed Activities:  College Visits Scholarship Applications Personalized visits from Admissions counselors

WedPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:French Club

The French club celebrates the francophone world (French speaking countries) in different ways. We work on an agenda for the year and discuss how to show the impact and the diversity of the francophone world. Activities done in the past were: cooking activities, games in French, holidays celebration etc. You

francophonie month celebration, exchange with French speakers students from France etc

MonPM (after school)
Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. (FBLA-PBL) is the largest career student business organization in the world. Each year, FBLA-PBL helps over 230,000 members prepare for careers in business. View the FBLA Fact Sheet [PDF] and the PBL Fact Sheet​​​​​​​ [PDF] for more information. View the Non-U.S. Chapter/Group Guidelines for Membership and

In FBLA, we compete with other chapters in the DC area for a chance to go on to the National Competition, the location is TBA. If you are the top three in the subject you wish to compete, then you will get a bid to the national competition. During this

ThuPM (after school)
Image/Logo for Your Club:Gender Sexuality Alliance

This club is dedicated to providing a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students within Jackson-Reed HS, as well as create a space for allies to show support and build community. The club is designed for people interested in topics relevant to the queer community. This club will also host some events

Meet weekly to provide a comfortable, safe space for students as well as plan and execute larger events and projects throughout the school year.

Image/Logo for Your Club:Girls Up in the District

"Girls Up in the District" is a vibrant and purpose-driven club dedicated to empowering individuals with the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the realm of women's rights. Our mission is to raise awareness and foster change in critical areas, including gender inequality within sports, gender-based violence, and reproductive

Our club, "Girls Up in the District," will meet once or twice, usually during STEP. During our meetings, we will collaborate to plan impactful events and fundraisers aimed at addressing pressing issues in both our local community and society as a whole. These gatherings will serve as a platform for

Girls Who Code

The purpose of Girls Who Code is to provide a space for girls interested in coding.

Coding, Sisterhood activities,  Games!

Greenhouse Club

As a 2013 Green Ribbon Schools recipient, Wilson prides itself on being a leader in the green movement among DCPS Schools by growing seedlings and plant cuttings to donate to schools and/or sell for funding. This program is totally student-run with the support of our school administrators and our teacher sponsor. Come join

WedPM (after school)
Hackathon CompetitionFriPM (after school)
  Club Name: Club Description Proposed Activities Meeting Day Meeting Time