Principal’s Update for March 12, 2023

I hope everyone is doing well with the time adjustment this weekend as we come off a short school week that had many events take place. In addition to holding mock interviews for our academy students preparing for internships and a Chinese New Year celebration, we hosted a community service fair last week that included eight organizations.

These organizations provided a summary of their programs, and students could sign up for upcoming community service events to earn hours. As a reminder, students must have the following community service hours to graduate:

  • Class of 2023 – 12 hours
  • Class of 2024 – 50 hours
  • Class of 2025 – 75 hours
  • Class of 2026 – 100 hours

Please continue to speak with your child(ren) about their community service status and plan for meeting this graduation requirement. If our students have questions regarding community service, they may talk with their grade-level counselor for more information.

In addition to the community service hours, students must earn the necessary credits for their required courses. We have passed the Term 3 mid-point, and progress reports for Term 3 will be available this week. This week is an excellent time for our students to reflect on their current class performance and make the necessary adjustments to do even better. Regular attendance in class for the duration of the class period and attending teacher office hours are two strategies I have seen help students improve.

Let’s have a great week of learning!

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