Policies and Procedures

  1. Respectful Behavior: Upon entering the library, please greet Mr. Hines/Mr. Cat, our friendly librarians, first, and then sign in at the circulation desk. Maintain a respectful and quiet atmosphere in the library. Talking in hushed tones is allowed, but loud conversations and disruptions are not permitted.
  2. Cell Phones and Devices: All electronic devices must be set to silent mode while in the library. Phone calls should be taken outside the library premises.
  3. Borrowing Materials: Students must have a valid library card to borrow materials. Books, magazines, and other resources can be borrowed for a specified period. Return borrowed items on time to avoid late fees.
  4. No Food and Drinks: Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library to prevent damage to books and materials. Water bottles with secure caps are an exception.
  5. Personal Belongings: Keep personal belongings like bags, jackets, and backpacks in designated areas. Valuables should not be left unattended.
  6. Computer Use: Computers are for educational purposes only. Respect the time limits if others are waiting. Do not install or download any software without permission.
  7. Internet Use: Use the internet for academic research and learning purposes. Inappropriate websites and content are strictly prohibited.
  8. Group Study: Group study is allowed in designated areas, but maintain a low volume to avoid disturbing others. Library staff may ask groups to relocate if necessary.
  9. Quiet Zones: Respect designated quiet zones for those who prefer a noise-free environment for focused studying and reading.
  10. Reshelving Materials: After using books or resources, please return them to their designated spots or place them in the reshelving area. Do not reshelve items yourself; leave them on the tables for library staff to handle.
  11. Library Furniture: Maintain the cleanliness and order of library furniture. Push in chairs and leave study areas tidy for the next user.
  12. Library Events: Participate in library events, workshops, and activities. These contribute to a vibrant and engaged library community.
  13. Respect Library Staff: Follow instructions given by library staff promptly and courteously. They are here to help you make the most of your library experience.
  14. Damaged Materials: Report any damaged or defaced materials to library staff immediately to avoid any confusion or penalties.
  15. Behavioral Consequences: Failure to follow library rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges. Severe or repeated violations may lead to disciplinary actions by the school.

Remember that the library is a shared space for learning and enjoyment. By adhering to these rules, you contribute to a positive and productive environment for everyone.