May 18th Meeting Planning

First one in over a month!!!

Just re-gathering. Assignments:

  • Alice – finish entering clubs
  • Clara – Club View – let’s discuss
  • Gavin –
  • Lily –

Drawing a blank.  You know what we need …a secretary!  Just to keep track of who signs up for what.  Can you all see “Our Task List”?

Can we start using that?


  • Discuss current status
    • Attendance is very close!
    • Clubs – might need some custom code.  Make it work for now?
    • Staff page – almost done
    • Front page – pretty up to date – will do again on Sunday and review with Ms. C
    • College & Career – I need to do this…this weekend!
  • Going live
    • I’ll talk to Ms. C on Monday. If we think we can go live on Memorial Day – will need help reviewing all pages.
    • Can we divide that up?
  • Learning – Views!  We can play with clubs to do this.

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