January 23, 2024 LSAT Minutes

Members In Attendance

  • Principal: Sah Brown
  • LSAT Chair:  Melody Molinoff (Parent)
  • Parent Members: Debbie Bocian, Hillary DeNigro (PTSO Liaison), Edward Dieterle, Elizabeth Mettler, Heather Powers
  • Jackson-Reed Faculty and Staff Members: Eduardo Canedo, Will Goma, Patrick Cassidy, Nicole Felmus, Elizabeth Levenson (Non-instructional staff member), Tomeka McKinzie (principal in resident), Ms. Tina Bradshaw-Smith (WTU Building Rep)


  1. Preliminary budget survey results
  2. Jackson-Reed enrollment projections process
    1. The projection process
      1. Central office uses a survival analysis methodology to project non-entry grades (i.e., grades 1-5, 7-8, 10-12)
      2. Entry grades use a slightly different process
      3. Principals have the opportunity to petition if they believe that the number is incorrect
      4. When Central receives a petition, they review historical data, remove the smallest value, and recalculate projections.
  3. LSAT meeting with IT about the challenges associated with not having full access to ASPEN to understand student enrollment and attendance
  4. Central released a grading feedback survey from the entire DCPS community
  5. In December, the LSAT recommended an update on student requests for meetings and assemblies
  6. Principal Updates
    1. DCPS Five-Year Strategic Plan
      1. One equity imperative, two commitments, and three strategic priorities
    2. Budget update
      1. Released in early February and finalized in late February
      2. Share the results of the survey during a Principal’s coffee
      3. Discuss results with staff during a staff meeting and with students through focus groups
    3. Students and athletics — this information will go out to members of the LSAT for discussion during the February 2024 meeting
    4. The Handbook
      1. What is currently in the handbook
      2. Draft updated policies associated with field trips, student meetings, school events, fundraising, advertising, and similar activities
        1. Conversation on school events and advertising
          1. Prior policies have always been about the use of physical space and not about the content of the events
          2. Making sure:
            1. checklists and timelines are clear
            2. that the new process and procedures don’t create too much red tape
            3. that policies are applied consistently
          3. There is a need for all at the school to understand what is currently in the handbook and the mechanisms for making revisions
          4. The Arab Student Union (ASU) conversation and related events
            1. Principal Brown met with the ASU on a Friday. All believe the meeting was productive.
            2. The Principal sent out an email to the community on Sunday, which members of the ASU felt was not in the spirit of the meeting
            3. ASU is now taking legal action against the school
            4. Two high-profile Washington Post articles have covered events associated with the ASU at Jackson-Reed, one published on 1/22/2024
        2. Coming up with solutions on how to move forward with allowing students to have voices, meet, and share? What can we do to make it productive and better?
          1. An ad hoc committee?
          2. DCPS Central completed a professional learning session on having courageous conversations
          3. What is the role of parents who have an issue with content; admins making content decisions
          4. A quiet voice group. Making connections between professors from outside of the school
          5. A student-created event among students that are part of the ASU and Jewish Student Union (JSU)
          6. The loudest voices are at the extremes
          7. Events that allow people to talk with one another as human beings
          8. What is the role of outside groups and their influence on the school
        3. Does DCPS have a diversity, equity, and inclusion policy and framework for understanding issues, history, and context?