Important Tech Update

Restart Your DCPS Laptop!! New Software was pushed out to all Jackson-Reed DCPS devices over the February Break.  Students and Staff will need to restart their devices to access the Wi-Fi network and to finalize the software updates. Similarly, if your laptop sat dormant (off and unplugged) over the break, the new software upgrade will load onto your computer over the next few days.  If you are reading this Sunday night, go ahead and plug your laptop in and login. Let your laptop charge and work overnight.

Lightspeed Content Filter update: The Lightspeed content filter was effectively implemented over the February break. iBoss was removed from staff and student devices and a Lightspeed agent was pushed out to all DCPS devices. Passwords to access the DCPS MESH network are no longer needed. Students and Staff who choose to use a non-DCPS device, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will be asked to accept a user policy and install a DCPS certificate. After BYOD students and staff use the network the first time the process of connecting to Wi-Fi is generally seamless. Our network will now operate more closely to the Wi-Fi networks at Colleges and Universities. If students or staff are having trouble connecting to specific sites, first check for updates and restart your device.

Lightspeed Classroom Management: The DCPS Lightspeed bundle comes with a classroom management module. Once fully implemented, the software will help students stay focused on classroom relevant content.  Find our more information here

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