Updating the Parent Teacher Conference Link

The Parent Teacher Conference link lives at this page:  https://jacksonreedhs.org/conferences/

There are two phases:

  1. Early Access:  parents need an access code to sign for conferences before they are generally available.
  2. Normal Access:  after a certain date/time - the conference signup is available to all.

How to set up for Early Access

  • Go to the Parent Conference page.  All that should show is the Register for Parent-Teacher Conferences button initially.
  • Click on the Beaver Builder link in top black nav.  For information on how to use Beaver Builder check out the help.
  • Then additional information will be shown similar to the image below.
  • You will need to update the information as follows.
    • Update Text:  Hover over the text box and click on the wrench icon for Text Editor Settings as shown below.You will then see a window like below.  Click on the General tab if is not already selected.  Update the text and click the Save button when you are done.
    • Row Settings: next you will need to make sure the row that contains the access code form is displayed.  Hover over the row and then click on the wrench icon for Row Settings as shown below.

      Then click on the Advanced tab and look for the Display option under the Visibility Header.  Change Never to Always and then click the Save button.
    • Change Code:  Is this access code changing?  If so you will need to go into Gravity Forms to change it.
    • Hide Button:  Again - we will set the display settings on a row to hide the General Access button.  Hover over the row containing that as show below:

      Then, click on the Advanced tab and set the Display to Never.  Click Save when you are done.
  • When you are done - be sure to click on the blue Done button in the top left corner and select the Publish option.

How to Set Up For Regular Access

We are going to go in reverse!  Which is easier.

  1. Following the steps above - set the Visibility of the fist row to Never.
  2. Then set the visibility of the first row containing the General Access button to Always.
  3. Save and Publish the page.