Posts: How to Create, Change and Use Them

Please note - the accordion below holds information on how to create & edit posts via the Dashboard.  The Jackson-Reed website has a form built that allows you to create posts using that. Please use that form unless you have been trained otherwise!

To Add a Post:

  • Login in to the Jackson-Reed website - that link is under the Quicklinks menu.
  • You can access the form two ways.
  • Many pages display a button to users with the appropriate access to allow them to directly access this form.  Pages like the home page, Career & College Page, PTSO class pages, etc.
  • If you do not see that button, go to Tools->Add An Update menu option.

The Form

  • There are two options: News & Event - you can choose either or both.  News creates a post which can be displayed on the website and event creates an event in the calendar.
  • If you create a News item - or a post - make sure to select the appropriate category so it will display on the correct page.  Categories include:
    • college:  College & Career page
    • principal:  Principal Updates archive page
    • Parents - 2024 Class Notes,  Parents - 2025 Class Notes, Parents - 2026 Class Notes and Parents - 2027 Class Notes:  appears on each of the appropriate class pages in the PTSO section.
    • WebsiteClub:  appears on the website club page
    • weekly: weekly newsletter archive
  • If you want the News item to appear on the front page - put front in the tag.