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Create Your FSA IDs Now

Students and contributor(s) should create their FSA IDs at “StudentAid.gov” now. During the process of creating your FSA ID, there will be a waiting period of 1-3 days while your information is matched with the Social Security Administration. Create your FSA IDs now so you don’t have to wait to submit your FAFSA when it opens (the opening date is still to be announced).

Here is the message you will receive after you create your account:

Your Account Was Successfully Created — What’s Next?

Before we can grant full account access, we must confirm that your name, Social Security number, and date of birth all match what is on record with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This process takes one to three days. If you verified your email address, you’ll receive an email once your information is matched with the SSA. You can still use your account while your information is being verified with the SSA.

From DCPS College and Persists: “What to Prepare BEFORE the FAFSA Opens” 

  • Determine contributors
  • Student and contributor(s) create a StudentAid.gov account (FSA ID)
  • Student and contributor(s) write down StudentAid.gov usernames/passwords, email addresses, Social Security Numbers (or alien registration number for non-citizens), and dates of birth (worksheet here)
  • Student and contributor(s) locate 2022 Tax Returns
  • Determine value of student/contributor assets:
    • Value of cash and savings/checking accounts
    • Amount of child support received in the past year
    • Net worth of investments
    • Net worth of any business/farms
  • Compile list of any federal benefits received by anyone in the family
  • Compile list of colleges to which the student is applying. The FAFSA has space for 20 colleges to be listed.
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