DCPS Seal of Bileteracy

To honor the multilingualism of many DCPS students, DCPS offers the “Seal of Biliteracy.” By awarding this seal to those who meet its rigorous requirements, DCPS recognizes the commitment of students who persevere in language education to achieve high levels of proficiency and highlights the rich linguistic and cultural expertise of its many international and immigrant students.

Qualifying for the DCPS Seal of BiliteracyTo be eligible for the DCPS Seal of Biliteracy, students must demonstrate their proficiency in English and a language other than English. Students can automatically qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy by taking exams that are tracked in the DCPS data system (i.e., AP exams, ACCESS), but an application is available for students who take exams on their own or would like to request help scheduling a language exam. See more information here: https://dcps.dc.gov/page/dcps-seal-biliteracy-award

DCPS Contact: Juliette Steadman, juliette.steadman@k12.dc.gov

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