Website Club Update Week of 10/4

October 4, 2023

First official meeting was last week. We got everyone to create an account on our mock site and fill out an interest form. I was supposed to get a WordPress course up by the weekend but ran into issues with the plugin I normally use so researched and switched to a new one. That said…

Week of 9/11

September 13, 2023

Preparing for the Club Fair Alice is going to print flyers and Remind Code for club fair. And get candy for our table. Clara’s making a poster. Both are ready with talking points. Thursday Meeting: Review and get feedback of Club Fair material Review and work on Beaver Builder pages Baked goods! Next Week: Club…

September 7 Meeting

September 7, 2023

To do: Meet Ms. Lawrence Review Last Weeks Notes Review plans for Club Fair & Interest Club Review Beaver Builder Beaver Builder: Make this page in jrhs.site/mock Can find Help here.

Website Club 8/31 Meeting Notes

August 31, 2023

First meeting of the school year.  We did a review of all the new functionality in the now live Jackson-Reed website.  And we talked a lot about what to do over the year. 3 Main Goals Maintain the current website – provide support as needed.  Talk to Ms. Lawrence and other members of the front…

May 25th Meeting Agenda

May 25, 2023

Attendance & Locker forms signed off by Mr. Bellino – YAY!!! Ms. Clemmons wants to look at clubs page – she has new ones to add –  how we doing on that? Alice/Clara – any decisions on notes & keeping track of lists? Gavin – photo club? Lily…what were you doing? Go Live Status –…

May 18th Meeting Planning

May 18, 2023

First one in over a month!!! Just re-gathering. Assignments: Alice – finish entering clubs Clara – Club View – let’s discuss Gavin – Lily – Drawing a blank.  You know what we need …a secretary!  Just to keep track of who signs up for what.  Can you all see “Our Task List”?  https://jacksonreedhs.org/mock/website-club-to-do-list/ Can we…

April 13 Meeting

April 13, 2023

Small meeting! We first reviewed what remains to be done to get the site live: Get Clubs done – missing H & I, T & W – Alice is doing Finalize attendance & locker request form exports to Mr. Bellino. Contact with Kids Ride Free person and set up form correctly. Finish Staff List Confirm…

March 30 Meeting

April 2, 2023

Alice showed up with five new recruits – which threw our plans a little off as we spent most of our time getting them up to speed. Which made me realize that we need a plan for starting new members. I started adding a new members section to the Website Club Home page. Those of…

March 16 Update

March 19, 2023

Wow – it’s been a while. Trying to get back on track post February break! We reviewed forms some including this flow chart for how the Add a Club process will work. Take a minute to look at it! Still working on some of the details including the suggestion that we integrate login to this…

February 2nd Meeting Update

February 9, 2023

We talked about home pages that people had reviewed and looked at the few mocks that people had made. We created a basic mock home page. Still need to work on how the site is organized and how our navigation works. What else??? Temporary Website Continue to make progress. Ms. Cebryznski approved a huge amount…



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