April 13 Meeting

Small meeting!

We first reviewed what remains to be done to get the site live:

  • Get Clubs done – missing H & I, T & W – Alice is doing
  • Finalize attendance & locker request form exports to Mr. Bellino.
  • Contact with Kids Ride Free person and set up form correctly.
  • Finish Staff List
  • Confirm PTSO page with PTSO.
  • Finalize homepage design with Ms. Cebryznski
  • Make sure all the latest updates are there.

We spent the meeting coming up with the goals of the Website Club once the site goes live.  We will spend remainder of the year learning and hopefully start to work with teachers & admin on plans for next year.

  • Redesign the website.  Address a new section in turn to figure out how to improve it, draft a new design, run by the appropriate sources and then implement. (Clara & Alice)
  • Teacher/Staff Liaison – a team of students (led by one!) to help keep website up to date.
  • Graphics – get more in the site.  Work with various clubs in school for more photos, cool graphics, better design. Gavin?
  • Back End – responsible for leading the creation of forms & views.  Wesley?  Lily?
  • User Access – Elizabeth

Core Members

  • Alice
  • Clara
  • Simone
  • Gavin
  • Lily
  • Wesley

Possible Members

  • Meredith
  • Clare Yoder
  • Need more!


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