Addressing Recent Concerns: A Message from Principal Brown

I want to address recent concerns circulating in our community regarding an unsanctioned event organized by one of our school clubs. As soon as I became fully aware of the situation, I took immediate action, including removing flyers promoting this unsanctioned activity. I subsequently met with the club’s sponsor and the students, discussed the proper process for event approval, and reiterated clear expectations for the club moving forward.

Unfortunately, following my interaction, a petition and other online communications emerged. I want to assure all members of our school community that we are actively addressing and responding to this situation. We have taken measures to halt the dissemination of these messages.

Also, these messages are not school-sponsored, including deceptive posts using the #JRHS. At Jackson-Reed, we are dedicated to cultivating a safe and inclusive environment. While we encourage students to form their own opinions and advocate for their beliefs, we will not tolerate messages of hate or division that aim to disrupt our inclusive community.

Your concerns are important to us, and we are committed to transparency and resolution. Please be assured that we are actively managing this situation and taking the necessary steps to maintain a positive and respectful school environment. One action we are taking is creating space for students to share their thoughts and hear multiple perspectives regarding recent events. The details of this facilitated discussion are still underway, and we plan to schedule it as soon as possible. Again, we appreciate your input and collective support during this time.

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