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The College and Career Center provides information and support to students to help them plan for and achieve their post-graduation goals. It offers assistance with the college application process. It also provides opportunities to meet with representatives from colleges and universities; trade and apprenticeship programs; police and firefighter cadet programs; and other post-secondary opportunities. College and Career Center offerings during the school day are open to juniors and seniors with the permission of their teachers.

Elizabeth Levenson is the College and Career Center Coordinator. She is starting her 8th school year at Jackson-Reed High School. She has held several roles at Jackson-Reed, but the common thread among all of them is that she loves helping students. She was an English major at Cornell University, where she learned research and writing skills, and before coming to Jackson-Reed she worked as a copyeditor and proofreader. She is excited to help students with their college and career search--likely the biggest research project they have worked on in their lives so far. She works closely with the 12th grade counselors.

Latest Updates

“Telling Your Story” Workshop presented by Johns Hopkins Admissions Representatives

August 15, 2023

Wednesday, September 6, 6 pm-7 pm Savannah Miller and Courtney Delph, Johns Hopkins admissions officers, will offer an interactive virtual workshop with tips on college application essays and activities lists: “Learn how to use your experiences and passions to tell an authentic and cohesive story of who you are through the holistic admissions process.” Register…

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Seniors: Applying to College?

There's a lot to keep track of this year.  Check out the steps you need to take this year and get access to the help to do them.

9th Grade

Think its too early to start thinking about college?  Nope.  Check out our guidelines for your freshman year.

10th Grade

Continue to prepare for college by focusing on academics, staring to make your college list and more.

11th Grade

This is your year to excel at academics and to really start taking steps to creating your college list & starting the applicatino process.


Preparing for College

Creating Your College List

Creating Your College List

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creating your college list

Paying For College

Paying For College

Paying For College

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