Matching Naviance to Your Common App

If you apply to any colleges using the Common App, you will need to match your Naviance and Common App accounts. This gives Naviance "permission" to submit your school-based documents (i.e., transcripts, recommendation letters) through the Common App and helps make sure these documents are delivered to colleges promptly.

Follow the steps below to match your Naviance and Common App accounts:

On Common App

  • Register for an account. Keep track of the username and password you use because you will need it throughout your college application process.
  • Click the Common App tab and enter your high school information in the Education section. Refer to the pdf file available below (filename "CommonAppHSDetailsSY22-23") for information including graduating class size, GPA scale, and course scheduling system.
  • Click the My Colleges tab and add at least one college.
  • Click Recommenders and FERPA.
  • Sign the FERPA Release Authorization. Your counselors strongly recommend that you mark YES to waive your right to access. According to the Common App website, “waiving your right lets colleges know that you do not intend to read your recommendations, which helps reassure colleges that the letters are candid and truthful.”

On Naviance

  • Click the Colleges tab.
  • Click Colleges I'm Applying To.
  • Click Match Accounts in pink banner.
  • Enter your Common App login credentials on the Common App Account Matching screen.
  • Click Match Accounts.
    Video on Matching Naviance and Common App (created by Naviance, August 2021)

Common App Tips

  • Education Section: High School Information
    Use the information on the pdf file CommonAppHSDetailsSY23-24 to answer questions about our school's course scheduling, GPA scale, and class rank reporting.
  • Courses and Grades Section:  Some colleges require that you complete the Courses and Grades section of the Common App. See the list on the Common App website here.