General Career Research

DCPS CareerDirect

Visit the DCPS Career Preparation website:

Find information and searchable databases for internships, apprenticeships, and career-direct opportunities.

Researching Careers on Naviance

  • Log into Naviance through Clever. Instructions are HERE.
  • Click on "Careers" in the top bar to find "Explore Careers," which provides descriptions, education needed, and median salaries for many careers. The "Clusters and Pathways" groups careers into clusters, with the majors studied and salaries. Also here is the "Roadtrip Nation" archive of inspiring and informative videos of leaders in business, the arts, science, sports, and many more fields.
  • Click on "Self-Discovery" in the top bar to find the "Career Cluster Finder" assessment tool. Answer a series of questions with "like" and "dislike" to identify your interests and discover career clusters that contain careers that might interest you. Or try one of the other assessments to explore your strengths, personality type, and more.

Career Pathway Maps from the DC Workforce Investment Council

These graphics show educational requirements, required training, and salary info for careers including healthcare, IT, maintenance, construction, and the food/beverage industry.

CASAS Testing

CASAS is an adult education assessment required by some job programs and workplaces. Find out more here.