STEM Academies

The SciMaTech Academy is a STEM academy for students who are passionate about understanding how the technological world around them works. Our students choose pathways of specialization to focus their curiosity; these include math, engineering, biomedicine, environmental science, and computer science. We are geeks on a mission to enhance Jackson-Reed High School and to engineer the future. SciMaTech began in 1997 and now has 200 students and seven faculty advisors.

Clubs include the "Tiger Pride 2914” FIRST Robotics Team, Math Club, WilsonHacks, Science Club, Greenhouse Club, and Biomedicine Club. SciMaTech is responsible for Jackson-Reed’s pollinator greenhouse garden, Soapstone Creek management, the Annual Family Night Banquet, the FIRST Robotics annual kickoff, the Wilson National Society of Black Engineers Chapter, the Reilly Webb INOVA Blood Drive, the Green Apple Day of Service, Earth Day: Day of Action, and the Academy Capstone Presentation and Celebration.

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Regina Mcclure

NAF Academy Director


Romit Ghosh

Science Teacher


Alex Jacoby

Math Teacher
CS Teacher


Danielle Krafft

Science Teacher


Zachary Meyers

Science Teacher


Engineering and Architecture Pathway (Project Lead the Way/CTE-recognized)

Mr. Zachary Meyers. Lead Teacher

  • Grade 9: Hon. Intro to Engineering Design, ST1, 1.0 credit
  • Grade 10: Hon. Principles of Engineering, ST2, 1.0 credit
  • Grade 11:Hon. Digital Electronics, ST3, 1.0 credit, or Aerospace Engineering, ST4, 1.0 credit
  • Grade 12: Hon. Engineering Design and Development, ST8, 1.0 credit, or Advanced Internship Placement, 1.0 credit

Biomedical Sciences Pathway (Project Lead the Way/CTE-recognized)

Ms. Danielle Krafft, Lead Teacher

  • Grade 9: Hon. Principles of Biomedical Science, OH3, 1.0 credit
  • Grade 10: Hon. Human Body Systems, OH4, 1.0 credit
  • Grade 11: Hon. Medical Interventions, OH5, 1.0 credit
  • Grade 12
    • Hon. Biomedicine Sciences Capstone, OH6, 1.0 credit, or Advanced Internship credit, 1.0 credit

Computer Science Pathway (Project Lead the Way/CTE-recognized)

Mr. Alex Jacoby, Lead Teacher

  • Grade 9 or 10:  Computer Science Essentials (PLTW), V48, 1.0 credit
  • Grades 10 – 12:
    • AP Computer Science Principles, V45 1.0 credit
    • AP Computer Science A, V46 (or M67), 1.0 credit, or Game Design and Development, V50, 1.0 credit
    • Cybersecurity, V47, 1.0 credit, or Advanced Internship Placement