The Information Technology academy inspires excellence in coding, computer design, and cybersecurity. The academy uses Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to guide students through the course.

Our Pathway

Freshman Year

Computer Science Essentials

Sophomore Year

AP Computer Science Principals

Junior Year

AP Computer Science A OR Game Design

Senior Year

Honors Cybersecurity OR Internship

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IT/CS Clubs


Girls Who Code Tuesdays @ STEP in 409
Website Club Thursdays @ STEP in 410
Programming Club Wednesdays @ 3:30 in 403
Competition Team Fridays @ 3:30
CS Honor Society Thursdays @ STEP and Fridays @ 3:30 in B316

Course Descriptions

Computer Science l: Computer Science Essent.-PLTW (V48) +

Description: Computer Science Essentials will expose students to a diverse set of computational thinking concepts, fundamentals, and tools, allowing them to gain understanding and build confidence. In CSE, students will use visual, block-based programming and seamlessly transition to text-based programming with languages such as Python to create apps and develop websites, and learn how to make computers work together to put their design into practice. They'll apply computational thinking practices, build their vocabulary, and collaborate just as computing professionals do to create products that address topics and problems important to them. CSE helps students create a strong foundation to advance through the Computer Science pathway. This course carries CLCP credit.

Number of Credits: 1
Course Type: Honors
Meet CL/CP Requirements? Yes

AP Computer Science Principles (V45) +

Description: This CTE course is the second course in the Computer Science pathway. This course will focus on creativity, the use of technology to solve computational problems and the impact of computing on people and society. The CS Principles course will treat programming as one of the seven big ideas of computer science: Computing is a creative activity; Abstraction reduces information and detail to facilitate focus on relevant concepts; Data and information facilitate the creation of knowledge; Algorithms are used to develop and express solutions to computational problems; Programming enables problem-solving, human expression, and creation of knowledge; The internet pervades modern computing; Computing has global impacts. This course is an Advanced Placement course as of SY 16-17. Only authorized schools with a trained instructor may offer this course.

Number of Credits: 1
Course Type: Advanced Placement
Meet CL/CP Requirements? Yes

AP Computer Science A (V46) +

Description: This is a Level III course in the Computer Science pathway. This course uses the Project Lead the Way" curriculum and is a College Board approved
implementation of AP CS A. Computer Science Applications focuses on further developing computational thinking skills through the medium of Android™ App development for mobile platforms. The course utilizes industry-standard tools such as Android Studio.

Number of Credits: 1
Course Type: Advanced Placement
Grade: 11th
Prerequistes: V48 & V45
Meet CL/CP Requirements? Yes

Game Design and Development (V50) +

Description: Game Design and Development (GDD) introduces the process of envisioning and planning a gaming experience and then creating the game with program code, sound, and visual effects. GDD explores games in digital format, from single-player apps on mobile devices to multi-player programs on computers and gaming platforms.

Number of Credits: 1
Course Type: Honors
Grade: 10th, 11th
Prerequistes: V45, V48
Meet CL/CP Requirements? No

Honors Cybersecurity (CS) - PLTW (V47) +

Description: Cybersecurity is the optional 4th course in the Computer Science Pathwathy. This course introduces the tools and concepts of cybersecurity and encourages students to create solutions that allow people to share computing resources while protecting privacy. Nationally, computational resources are vulnerable and frequently attacked; in Cybersecurity, students solve problems by understanding and closing these vulnerabilities. This course raises students' knowledge and commitment to ethical computing behavior. It also aims to develop students' skills as consumers, friends, citizens, and employees who can effectively contribute to communities with dependable cyber-infrastructure that moves and processes information safely. This course carries CLCP credit.

Number of Credits: 1
Course Type: Honors
Prerequistes: V45, V48
Meet CL/CP Requirements? Yes

Adv Intern Proj. Computer Science (V49) +

Description: The AIP internship course is a paid internship experience for 12th and 11th grade students participating in a coherent sequence of career and technical
education courses. This course is designed to provide real-world work experience and professional exposure in an aligned CTE program of study and will receive course credit upon internship completion. A student must be enrolled or have completed the 3rd level course in an approved CTE program of study in order to be eligible to participate

Number of Credits: 1
Course Type: Advanced Placement
Grade: 11th, 12th
Prerequistes: V48, V45, V46
Meet CL/CP Requirements? Yes

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Ms. McClure is the STEM NAF Academies director at Jackson Reed, who oversees the IT, Engineering, and Biomedical academies.


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