NAF Audio Video Production Academy

The Jackson-Reed Academy of Audio Video Production earned its Fast Track NAF Certification on November 22, 2022! Learn more about how we prepare students for the real world by way of building a professional network committed to student leadership.


Curriculum Overview

This is our course sequence with Cross Integration and Student Led Work Based Learning Opportunities

Level 1 : Principles of Audio Video Production

The goal of this course is to expose students to careers in the arts,
audio/video production, and communications career cluster. Students will develop technology
skills using Adobe software, specifically Premier Pro and will have the opportunity to earn
certifications in this program of study. Portfolios will be compiled demonstrating their skills,
knowledge, and experiences. Students will also have the opportunity to compete in national and local competitions.

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Level 2: Audio Video Production I

Audio/Video Production I primary focus is to expose students to the artistic and technological aspects of audio and video production. Students will learn about the development of audio and video production in the technology era. Students will also learn about the hard skills needed to manage a production set and all considerations that impact the quality of production. These hard skills include budgeting, operations management and marketing. Students will curate their own productions and present some of their work during presentation week

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Level 3: Audio Video Production II

Audio/Video Production II is the third course in the AV Production program of study and is designed to have the student build their portfolio demonstrating the skills they have learned over the past courses. Students will apply these skills to compete in competitions and to enter exhibits. Students can earn their Adobe Photoshop certification in the Level II or Level III course and are encouraged to participate in practicums

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AIP: Advanced Internship Placement and Real World Learning

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Alison Raffaldt

CTE Teacher