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For some of us, the best years of our young lives were spent at Wilson High School, in the heart of our nation's capital. Swirling around in our heads are memories of football games, basketball games, dances, homecoming events, and spring breaks!

  • The Alumni Association can help you replay and relive those memories.
  • We can navigate you in the right direction towards class reunions and events.
  • We can keep you apprised of news of the school and happenings of graduates.

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Digital Archive Projects

The Woodrow Wilson High School Archives Project is an effort of the school's library media program to make available and preserve photos, articles, and documents dating back to the school's beginning in 1935. We are beginning to construct our digital archives and provide a way for the community to search them. Start exploring by going to the Archives link above and look at the special exhibits below.  Our first efforts have focused on Girls Athletics and Wilson in Wartime.

This project has been made possible through generous donations from The Humanities Council of Washington, DC and The Woodrow Wilson Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)
We received funding to:

  • Preserve the archives, including many fragile items, such as the original Beacon student newspapers  (Full years of Beacon issues from 1956 through 1967 have been scanned and can be viewed, searched and downloaded from the Beacon website. Many thanks to Tom Jabine, Class of '69, for accomplishing this.)
  • Scan, digitize, and organize materials for easy access
  • Make the archives accessible to students, teachers, the public, and historical and cultural organizations

We inaugurated our Digital Archives project on Monday, November 3.


Digital Archives

View our collection at our online database.